Event/Conference Videos

Creating a video of your next event or conference is a great way to showcase your event to future ticket buyers, as well as giving extra value to your current sponsors and gives you the ability to build a valuable bank of presentation videos.

The number 1 benefit of creating an event video is for the purposes of marketing similar events in the future. By giving consumers a taste of what the event consists of, in addition to testimonials from current attendees, this will highly increase the chance of them becoming a ticket holder in the future. If you have a host of keynote speakers, an edited video of the sessions can be created, to give your event added value, months after it has finished.

Why use Videos for your Event of Conference?

Event Video Examples

Made in the Midlands Expo

This event video was aimed at showcasing the range of exhibitors, with the intention of increasing uptake the following years. This was reinforced by testimonials from the companies that were currently exhibiting.

Active Partnership Conference

This was created as both a highlight video to be shown at the end of the 2 day conference, as well as a marketing tool to look at an increase in ticket sales for future years.

Sporting Heritage

The day conference in Bradford was created to showcase the need for similar events, in an attempt to secure funding from the local arts council.

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