Instructional Videos

Instructional videos can be created in addition to product videos that you have, or as a video that solves a common question or problem that your customer base often faces.

A lot of demonstration videos are built with a plan of increasing your brand awareness and also building up trust with your current customer base. By creating these videos, you are offering a valuable after sales service, or giving away free content that answers popular industry specific questions, which will leave your brand in the mind of the viewer. With many of these instructional videos, embracing youtube is a must, as it will open your brand up to a wider audience.

Why use Instructional Videos?

Instructional Video Examples

Bed installation

this instructional video for Berwick Care meant that more customers decided to build the bed themselves, which meant freeing up employees time without affecting customer relations.


By showing how easy it is to change heads on the shaver, this increases faith in the product to ensure future sales.

Let's see how instructional videos can help you

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