Thank you for visiting Shoot on sight. We are a video production company located in the West Midlands. Our aim is simple, we want our videos to get you results, whether you are after more website traffic, better brand recognition, or more sales of your services and products.

We can work with you on one off projects, or as an extension of your marketing team, offering monthly video content that is going to help drive sales and hit your goals. Take a look around at the varied projects we have been working on recently.

We don’t just create video, we create video that works.

What We Do

Targeted video marketing

We want to find out where video can benefit your business. Whether you have a new product range that needs showing off, a conference coming up that needs an increase in ticket sales, or a series of videos to increase your reach on social media.

We have been creating video for over a decade and we take a business driven approach to what we deliver. We can see where video can help, and we can see how it can be done in the most profitably way.

Our work doesn’t stop at producing a finished video, the ways that content is used is the key to delivering results. You could have the best shot film in the world, but without proper attention, nobody would watch it. That’s why we like to focus our attention on:

Recent Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

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Why Use Shoot On Sight For Your Video Production?

Most people understand by now how important video can be to a successful marketing strategy, and people can create high quality video content quickly and easily on their phones, so why do you need somebody to do it for you?


When it comes to video marketing, content beats quality, hands down. When you are creating video, the content has to be relevant to the audience and put together in a way that keeps people watching until the end, luckily for you, that’s what we’re good at!


As your bank of video content grows, keeping the style and look of your videos the same will help build brand awareness with viewers. We always take into consideration your brand guidelines to ensure that the videos we create are always in line with your current brand.

Motion Graphics

All editing and motion graphics are done in house, which means we are always a cost effective way to ensuring you have access to one of the most powerful types of video to both engage and inform viewers – animation.


Ensuring your videos are being used correctly. The same video can be used in different shapes and sizes to cater to different platforms and audiences. Thumbnails help attract people to your video in the first place, and subtitles help to retain the large number of people that scroll through social media with no volume.


Knowing what the most useful types of video are that you need to be creating. This step alone can save you months in trial and error. We can see where video can be beneficial to achieving fast results.


Already creating your own video content – great! We can always be on hand to offer help and guidance, edit and add finishing touches to your current content, or suggest more beneficial ways of doing things.

About Shoot On Sight

My name’s John Molyneux, I own and operate the video production company Shoot on Sight from my base in the lovely Shropshire countryside. Video production has always been a passion of mine, so making promotional videos for companies across the UK is second nature.

My background is in live television production as a director, vision mixer, camera operator and motion graphics editor. I have also worked for some of the top production companies in the country with my work showcased on BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Eurosport. Closer to home, I film football matches for Shrewsbury Town and have carried out freelance work for the many companies all over the country, working with some of the largest clients in the UK.

I made the jump into the world of corporate videos to allow me to be based back in my hometown more often and putting my skills to use to help businesses grow through the use of video. Video production/marketing has been growing year on year and is a vital tool to use in your business strategy.

If you’re looking to grow your business and realise that video is the way to start doing that, luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

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