Thank you for visiting Shoot on sight. We are a video production company located in the West Midlands. Our aim is simple, we want our videos to get you results, whether you are after more website traffic, better brand recognition, or more sales of your services and products.

We can work with you on one off projects, or as an extension of your marketing team, offering monthly video content that is going to help drive sales and hit your goals. Take a look around at the varied projects we have been working on recently.

We don’t just create video, we create video that works.

What We Do

Targeted video marketing

We want to find out where video can benefit your business. Whether you have a new product range that needs showing off, a conference coming up that needs an increase in ticket sales, or a series of videos to increase your reach on social media.

We have been creating video for over a decade and we take a business driven approach to what we deliver. We can see where video can help, and we can see how it can be done in the most profitably way.

Our work doesn’t stop at producing a finished video, the ways that content is used is the key to delivering results. You could have the best shot film in the world, but without proper attention, nobody would watch it. That’s why we like to focus our attention on:

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Why Use Shoot On Sight For Your Video Production?

Most people understand by now how important video can be to a successful marketing strategy, and people can create high quality video content quickly and easily on their phones, so why do you need somebody to do it for you?


When it comes to video marketing you need the whole package—this means your content needs to be well made, visually striking, and most importantly—relevant to your audience! If your video content isn’t relevant to your audience, even the most well put together video will fail to make the impact you want. This is where our knowledge and experience makes all the difference. We aren’t just skilled professionals who understand how to make video content of the highest quality—we also have a portfolio that crosses a range of mediums and businesses areas. From this experience, we’ve learnt how to tailor our videos to match the business and their audience—keeping your content relevant and engaging throughout.


Video content can be a one-off affair—but it can also be so much more! As you produce more content and build your engagement and audience— you’ll be able to develop a signature style and voice that becomes a key part of your brand identity. In this way, video content will serve the same function as your website, logos, and other marketing channels that form a key part of your branding. We will also work to ensure that any preexisting brand guidelines and values are reflected in the video content we produce for you.

Motion Graphics

All of our editing and motion graphic work is taken care of in-house—which gives us the power to offer cost-effective professional quality animated video content. Animated video content is one of the most powerful, and on-trend, ways for businesses to engage with their audience. Animated videos are a great way for conveying important information, or educating your audience on a particular topic, in a clear and concise way. Alternatively, they can also provide a quirky and vibrant alternative to traditional video marketing!


One of the most important—and often overlooked—aspects of video marketing is optimising for the best user experience possible. This means making sure your videos are accessible, easy to use, and correctly formatted for the medium and platform they’re being shown on. By optimising your video content, you’re creating the ability to deploy it in different ways across a variety of platforms. For example, we can ensure that thumbnails are in place to grab the attention of your audience and make it easy to click through. We can also offer subtitles for accessibility, and platforms where your audience will often scroll without the volume on, such as Twitter. The principle is the same in both instances—creating a seamless and hassle-free user experience.


In order to make the most of your video marketing opportunities—you need to first formulate a video marketing strategy! This means identifying the key areas where video marketing can help you, deciding on the right medium and content, and then figuring out how best to deploy these videos. We have a proven track record when it comes to successful video marketing, and we’re more than happy to sit down with you and decide an effective strategy together.


Do you already have your own video content? That’s amazing! And, it means we’re able to offer services geared specifically towards helping you make the most of your content. This could mean adding tweaks, edits, and professional touches to pre-existing material, offering guidance on how best to optimise and deploy your content, or integrating the material with new and exciting video content we’ve produced for you!

About Shoot On Sight

Shoot On Sight are a professional video production company based in the scenic Shropshire countryside with clients from across the U.K. The video marketing and content work Shoot On Sight creates comes from a real place of passion, creativity, and expertise.

Shoot On Sight was founded by John Molyneux, after years of experience working in a variety of television production roles, including director, vision mixer, camera operator and, motion graphics editor, for the likes of the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4.

Shoot On Sight aims to produce high-quality video content for companies and organisations, content that will be able to impress and engage with their target audience. In addition to this, Shoot On Sight offers a range of bespoke video marketing services that can help ensure you have content that delivers on your business goals.

Video marketing is a fast-growing industry—one that can anticipate and meet the needs and changing behaviours of the modern customer. We are living in a digital age, where your audience’s attention will be hard-won and often short-lived. This means you need content that is memorable, relevant, and well-made—Shoot On Sight delivers on all this and more.

We don’t just create video—we make sure that video works towards your business goals. That means taking our time to understand those goals, pinpointing areas where our video content skills can work for you, and devising a video marketing plan unique to your company. It means doing everything in-house so that we can ensure the highest quality of service, and offer creative solutions such as animated videos. Finally, it means taking ownership of delivery—measuring key stats and retention rates to make sure your message is reaching your audience.

We offer our video marketing and video production services in a range of options that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your company. We offer one-off projects—ideal if you have an upcoming event, product launch, or any individual element of your services that you want to highlight. We also offer a monthly service that makes Shoot On Sight an extension of your in-house marketing team, producing content that will help you meet your business goals, and provide a jolt of creative energy and expertise to your company.

When it comes to video marketing, seeing is believing—so why not take a look at some of the many amazing projects we’ve completed on our website. Alternatively, get in touch with us today and we can discuss how video marketing can boost your business.

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