Product Videos

Product videos can be the kind of marketing tool that converts people like no other, regardless of your size of product range, creating this type of video should be high up on your agenda

73% more visitors who watch product videos will buy. If that stat alone doesn’t make you want to get started on some product videos, then I don’t know what will! Videos can be used to really spell out all the USPs to viewers, while people will be willing to purchase products that they can see being in use and working how they should. Buyers are researching before purchasing like never before, so you need to be able to grab their attention and keep it there, that’s where a product video can be beneficial to your business.

Why use Product Videos?

Product Video Examples

Compressed air filter

Here we have a device that is used to take all water particles out of an air compressor. We filmed a side by side comparison to show the results, a feat that would not have been as believable as just seeing a couple of photos on the website.


This video shows off how easy the shaver is to change heads, building trust in the brand and in the product.

Flat mopping system

Here we have a detailed video on the benefits of a flat mopping system. This allows the buyer to see the results as well as the ease of operation.

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