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One of the best ways to build trust with your brand and service is by using social proof, which makes testimonial videos one of the strongest and most affordable ways to create a band of really valuable video assets.

Everyone buys something online at some point or another, but how often do you read the reviews beforehand? Whether its a product such as a sofa, smart TV or a service like home removals or hair dressing for example, there are usually reviews to be found online and the content of those reviews will make the difference between purchasing and moving on.

Unless you buy everything blind (which you really shouldn’t do), you may be starting to understand how valuable testimonials are and how crucial they could be to your business. The credibility and trust that gets built from positive reviews should get you excited as a start, now imagine that these reviews are portrayed within a professional video… that’s right, you’ve just gone one step further and your business will be all the better for it.

Static testimonials are quickly becoming a thing of the past and while they do still hold important value in certain places, they simply cannot compare to a professional video. Today’s online world is all about how quickly information can be placed in front of the end user and with a testimonial video, you can cover 10 minutes of reading in a short 1 minute clip and when placed in the correct places on your website, this can make all the difference when it comes to converting a user to a customer.

Why use Testimonial Videos?

Testimonial Video Examples


When you are looking for a place to look after your child for the first time, no wonder these testimonials worked wonders for Scamps nursery.

Opro – Jade Jones

Opro were able to use Team GB star Jade Jones to add social proof to their range of mouthguards. Due to the content, this video was easy to rack up the share count on social media.

Pure Telecom

Testimonials are also great for B2B businesses. If you have products that are on longer term contracts, potential buyers will do a lot of research before signing up. Testimonial videos can greatly assist you in this respect.

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