Meet John Molyneux, because let’s be honest, the 2 paragraphs on the homepage don’t give much away.

While I’ve never been a fan of writing in the third person, I felt it was necessary, otherwise you wouldn’t have a clue who you’re reading about. This blog post reminds me of the same sense of fear I get from writing a personal statement or cover letter, where you have to really sell yourself to the reader. I’ve never been one for sales, I even got sacked from selling a beauty spa package on the streets of Brisbane. I think that it’s important to be seen as an approachable individual, especially in my line of work. The first time I meet some people may be the day of filming, where I have to order them about like some kind of Drill Sergeant, so I thought I would use this post to introduce you to myself and (hopefully) reassure you that your video production is in fantastic hands.

On the video side of things, it’s always been something I’ve enjoyed doing from when I was really young, even when I was 5 or 6, I would use my Dad’s video camera to film anything that I could, not sure if any of it made sense, but I think I had fun doing it. As you can tell from the video below, I managed to pick up on my Brother’s skill of conducting a sit down interview and my Dad’s uncanny grasp of special effects.

After I finished all my relevant education, I was still unsure about what I wanted to do for a career specifically. I knew it was to be something television or video based, I started off doing running work on shows like ‘X Factor’, which was good fun and got to travel around the country a lot doing it, but the trouble was, I was nowhere near a camera, I spent days just telling divas which room they’re meant to be in. After the novelty wore off, I knew it wasn’t a path I really wanted to follow.

I managed to get a job at television shopping channel Rocks & Co ( in February 2011, and still work there on a freelance basis now. Here, I was able to work on live studio cameras, learn to vision mix and direct the live output and create the adverts that go out during the break. As much as it doesn’t sound as glamourous as working on the biggest show in British television, it’s a job that has taught me a lot and one I still enjoy going to.

I started Shoot on Sight in September 2012, with the aim of making this my full time job after not too long, in February of this year I was able to leave my full time position at Rocks & Co. and take the leap into the world I’m in now. the greatest benefit of this is being based in Shropshire a lot more, a great county that has got a lot going for it.

Right now, I spend my working time freelancing for several different companies across the country, doing either camera work, video editing or motion graphics, with the rest of it spent working on my own client projects and writing crap like this! Away from work, I play lots of football, poker and golf, not particularly very good at any, but you have to love a trier.

Finally, I used to be in the circus.

Thanks for reading.