Company Overview Videos

A company overview video is usually the first piece of video content people will see when they come to your website, so it has to inform, while still leave the viewer wanting to find out more.

The aim of these videos is to give a viewer a sense of your business and make them want to explore further. This isn;t the type of video that you can say will create sales by itself, but the sale journey often starts here. An overview video can however reduce the bounce rate on your home page, making a company video a good decision if your looking at increasing your SEO ranking.

Why use a company video?

These videos can be used on your website, at exhibitions, in your reception, we can also create bite size versions to be used on social media.

A company video is one that probably won’t need to change too much over the years. With video being very disposable in some ways, a good quality company overview video can last a long time, giving great value for money.

When introducing your company in a meeting or as a speaker at a conference, your company overview video can always be on hand to make sure the same vital messages are given out every single time.


The tour of the manufacturing facility at Epson was used to both show the global branches of the company how the UK functions, as well as doubling up as a recruitment video for local engineers.


Fullwood use their video to show customers how they operate in different countries, this video also details all the important details about the company.

Tech Systems

This overview video was used to show what a success a new warehouse has facility has become. This was backed up with on screen stats and graphics.

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